MOAM 31 - John Ratzenberger Talks About Not Limiting Yourself

Life lessons come from everyone we meet.  On a chance encounter with one of television and film's most favorite actors, I got the chance to hear first hand from John Ratzenberger how he manages to continue living his dream and doing what he loves.

It's a fulfilling chat with someone who you may remember as "know it all" Mail carrier Cliff Clavin from the multiple emmy-award winning series, "Cheers", or as one of his dozens of character voices in multiple PIXAR Animation films.

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MOAM Podcast 30 - Lindsay Ell Returns - and so does weekly podcasting!

What a crazy year it's been... both for your host, and most importantly, our guest!

LINDSAY ELL is THE quintessential example of hard work paying off.  From seizing every opportunity, to working alongside some of her biggest influences as a musician, Lindsay Ell is fighting for her dream, and people are noticing!

After a late night of driving, we sat down for an early morning chat about life since the residencies at local music clubs, to taking the stage with KEITH URBAN every night.  Throw in some travel horror stories and life on the road in her new "home", and this week's podcast is like catching up with an old friend.

"Dreams don't work unless you do"... 

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EXCLUSIVE: Trish Stratus Talks WWE Evolution, One Woman Show, and MORE!

It's the return of podcasts, content, and surprises, starting with a BIG one... 7x WWE Women's Champion and Hall of Fame member, Canada's own TRISH STRATUS!

While promoting her appearance at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo in Saskatoon, Trish talked about returning to the ring, why this match "matters", how she feels about opponent Alexa Bliss, and the ups and downs of women's wrestling.

We cover a lot of subjects, including a surprising answer to the question, "Will there be a Trish Stratus one-woman show?"


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BONUS AUDIO: “Jesse The Body” Talks CFL

I got to do a Saturday show, so I decided to have some fun.  "Jesse The Body Ventura" talks about what he thinks the CFL is going to look like this year... or does he?  An attempt at pulling off what Phil Hendrie does better than anyone!


MOAM Pocast 29 - Aaron Pritchett Backstage After Garth Brooks

WEEKLY PODCASTS RETURN!  Gotta do it right though, as I got the chance to head backstage to see Aaron Pritchett just MINUTES after he got off stage opening for Garth Brooks!

Hear some exclusive details about what it was like before the shows, dealing with Garth's Management team, and more!

BONUS AUDIO: Aaron Pritchett The Morning After Opening for Garth Brooks!

It was literally a dream coming true for Canada's Aaron Pritchett after he got to open for Garth Brooks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan last night.  Aaron promised he would call the morning after, and he did!


Aaron Pritchett Announces What Days He Will Be Opening for Garth Brooks in Saskatoon!

It's the story that has garnered worldwide attention.  Aaron Pritchett was the guest cohost for Big Dog Mornings with Mike McGuire and Kyla Rae.  Garth Brooks was scheduled to call in and do an interview to promote his tickets going on sale the next day.

Aaron jokingly asked for an opening spot, and he got one!  Two actually!  Here, he explains how it's all going to shake down!

Garth Brooks Full Interview on Big Dog 92-7 Mornings with Mike, Kyla and Aaron Pritchett

This... this was a surprise to say the least!

After nearly 20 years, Garth Brooks is coming back to Saskatchewan, and in a matter of moments, changed the life for one of Canada's most loved country acts!

MOAM 28 - Jordan McIntosh

At just 19, Jordan McIntosh is one of the hardest working young artists out there.  Hitting the road with established names like George Canyon and Emerson Drive, Jordan's latest trip across Canada saw him as a part of Brett Kissel's "Airwaves" Tour.

Mike and Jordan talk about everything from pop music to french fries, and the color orange becomes the star of the show!  It's a fun, fast-moving chat with a star on the rise!

MOAM 27 - LIVE with Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel has been performing longer than he's been driving.  While he's been setting records and winning awards, he's also been keeping close tabs on the business side of his career - right down to the finest detail.

In this live podcast that was recorded at Casino Regina, Brett and Mike talk about their history together, small town shows, learning from some of the biggest names in the business and a lot more - including why his opening act... is orange.

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